>Astonish Me!


!!! An Important Caution to Reader: If you are a stereotype (cliche) person, you will be disturbed because of this blog may offer-spread such challenging and dangerous ideas. Please keep away yourself from this blog!
If you get astonished of read this, you are being  on a right way. If you dont, you are already one of us.
Here is my challenge of thesis about ego;  without seing your ego there is no point in being & knowing yourself. If you get know your EGO, so you will know the GOD.  Be egoist. The Ego is the unique instrument which by to go where you want to be. Its like a mad horse. If you be an egoist you can control it. If not, you will run after it, all time and all where.
 Remember always this:  everybody’s aim is classified in I AM. Its equal AIM. 
Who does not want to fly? Actually, everybody want to fly.  We have to know this: flying is possible when you eliminate the weights. If we are heavy, we can not fly.  So eliminate the others, BE EGOIST.
If I have to say in a few words as a what I have learned from life is: Life works from inside to outside. So first BE EGOIST than RECREATE IT.
Solitude, take a look at again, what are the benefits of it?
I quess that everybody heard about Narcissos’s story. Let met tell again and rethink on it.
Once upon a time, Narcissos  while he was hiking at the lake side he has seen herself on the stagnant water and he has  got in a great request.  Beacuse of this event when a humankind who is extremely like himself/herself called a Narcissist. Unfortunately, there is a common mistake here; Narcissos has not knew really what he saw, in her mind-heart he saw a another person who is beatiful in a way of marvellous. So what?
The meaning of being Narcissist is not only cherishing yourself but beauty, life and love.  Indeed, being Narcissist is leads us to here: if you dont love yourself you can not love anything.  Because of, you have got a lot of pieces from BEAUTY. Dont look at to outside to find love, it’s in your inside.
If you dont believe me, you have chance to test it: take rock and throw into the water that at where there is scene of you love in great. Than, what are you seeing!? J
Fizzle, like you never did.
.ıt’s your business. Not others’.
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