The Unexpected Enlightment

A copenhagen story –
The today morning, it was, I woke up upset because of the weather has some struggles as snowstorm. Nevertheless, I had to go to lesson to improve some writing skills academically. I went and I have get some useful information about “what is the characteristics of academic writing”, it was thrilling. After lecture, I went to Paludan Café to drink coffee and play chess. I had good times at café. But the prices are expensive rather than my home country Turkey. Anyway, I stand a lot of time at café with my Chess friend Süleyman. We played hard chess matches, but we could not find any idea about take on “what will have the winner at the end of lucky checkmate”. I offer “Copenhagen City Guide Book”, But Suleyman refused this, “ I don’t need a guide” he said and then he offered, what about “Optics Lesson Book” I have to refused this too, because of this is very expensive book. So, we played for just fun.
During going to home I had interesting event. I’m living at Farum. So at lately nights, firstly I have to take train from Nörreport to Svanemollen, then I can get new train run for Farum. While I was going to Svanemollen by Hillerod Line, suddenly I get off the train in unconsciousness at Nordhavn Station. Time is over for catch it, the train went on the own way. I stopped and looked to side of Nordhavn Marina and asked to myself, “ why I have leaved off train here?” This station is not transfer point? So I was get angry to myself. Also, the weather was very cold. But I know, every bad event or anything else has good side at the same time. Good news is; this night has fullmoon light above the sea. It was very nice panorama. And I have get the “aha moments” about my bad experiences and feelings when I saw the fullmoon. When fullmoon days the moon getting closer to world, so force of gravity is increase between moon and earth. Because of this, human body liquid effected by this force and some hormones are activated as being angry, stressful, anxious and sexist. All old and ancient religion and spiritualist guides are have given advices about being careful these days.

Finally, I had opportunity to thought about my faults, disappointing etc. v ia this wrong station mistake. I gave new decides about myself. I was happy with my fault. I smiled to sky and asked;
– For god’s sake”! what is the point of today’s events? Is this one?

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